Ormston List Frawley LLP — About Our Firm

Ormston List Frawley LLP is a Toronto-based law boutique that brings world-class legal knowledge and experience into the accessible and flexible environment of a young, dynamic firm.

Our partners come primarily from years of practice at large, prominent law firms, but have ventured into the small-firm setting. Through this, we can create opportunities to collaborate closely with an energetic business clientele and apply our insights to devise innovative and pragmatic legal solutions.

What We Do And Who We Serve

We provide sophisticated advice on corporate law and commercial litigation. We are also notable in Toronto as one of the few firms of our size to maintain a very active practise in securities law.

Our legal team works closely with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, public companies and small and mid-sized businesses. We have considerable experience advising clients in the complex sectors of new technology and mineral resources.

We also advise foreign investors looking to engage in transactions involving Canadian capital markets. Within our legal team, we have the ability to provide service in French, Spanish, Romanian, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our Approach

Some of our lawyers are also seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. Backed by that unique mindset, we thrive on finding creative ways to overcome the legal challenges peculiar to fast-paced businesses.

We have deep and thorough understanding of legal issues and theories, but always strive to stay grounded in practical realities. Our entire approach is aimed at achieving workable solutions to move our clients closer and faster toward their objectives.

Our firm works closely with Green Sky Capital, a corporate finance advisory firm that raises capital for early-stage technology companies.

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How To Reach Us

To arrange a meeting with our lawyers, call our office at 416-800-1151 or use our online form to contact us by email.