Entrepreneurial Advice: Starting and Growing a Business

At Ormston List Frawley LLP, a core part of our practice is in advising entrepreneurs on starting and accelerating the growth of their ventures. We practice in Toronto and focus almost exclusively on the needs unique to small and mid-sized enterprises. We provide insightful, tailored advice to help you aim strategically and reach your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Helping Entrepreneurs Reach The Next Level

Whether you want to grow your business organically or move it aggressively forward to achieve liquidity and attract a buyout, our lawyers can engineer targeted, creative solutions.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the mindset, goals, challenges and pressures you face. Our advice is designed to cut through the morass of legal details and get you where you need to be — faster, more cost-effectively and in a way that protects your short- and long-term legal and business interests.

We can help you understand what options are available, what to expect, how to minimize liability and prevent disputes, and which factors to consider before making key business decisions.

A Full Range Of Legal Services And Business Advice

From day-to-day legal needs and documentation to strategic direction and early-stage planning, we provide services in such areas as:

  • Incorporations
  • Setting up an appropriate legal structure
  • Sector-specific legal advice for new technology and mineral resource companies
  • Raising capital
  • Business agreements
  • Moving into a shareholder arrangement
  • The decision to go public
  • Resolving shareholder disputes
  • Litigation advice
  • Succession planning or selling a business
  • Initial government filings
  • Minute book updates
  • Advice on corporate and commercial matters

Meet With Our Legal Team

To arrange a meeting with our lawyers to discuss your entrepreneurial needs and goals, call our office at 416-800-1151 or email us through our online form.