Strategic Planning and Advice for Business Transactions

Businesses are rarely static. Whether due to growth, market pressures or life events, change is almost certain. During such critical times, our lawyers can give you solid advice to navigate purposefully and to harness the winds of change to your advantage.

At Ormston List Frawley LLP, our partners are both lawyers and successful entrepreneurs. We combine world-class legal knowledge with practical, hands-on business experience to guide you during times of transition.

Legal Guidance To Manage Dynamic Movement

We have worked with hundreds of business clients in Toronto on deals involving fundraising deals and strategic business transactions, including:

  • Buying or selling a business or business assets
  • Management buyouts
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private placements
  • Working with strategic investors
  • Public offerings and/or obtaining a listing on a securities exchange

We can provide pointed insights to equip you to make sound decisions on a proposed business transaction. We will also help you properly structure the deal to ensure its success and achieve compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Our practice is focused primarily on small and mid-sized businesses, so we understand their unique challenges, concerns and constraints. Our legal advice and strategic solutions are crafted to help you turn change into opportunity and achieve your objectives in as timely and cost-effective a way possible.

Get Legal Help For A Business Transaction

If you are contemplating an upcoming transaction, our lawyers can help. Call us at 416-800-1151 or fill in our online form to request an appointment.