Advice on Private Business Purchases and Strategic Transactions

For both businesses and investors, contemplating a strategic business transaction means balancing prospective gains against the reality of significant risk. At Ormston List Frawley LLP, we provide pointed analysis to help you make calculated decisions and the legal strategy to ensure the success of your transaction.

Our Lawyers Are Experienced Business Owners Too

Many on our legal team are practicing lawyers in Toronto as well as savvy entrepreneurs and investors. We understand the pressures and stakes involved with private business purchases, structural reorganizations and public mergers and acquisitions. These perspectives form the foundation for our ability to craft dynamic solutions for businesses in transition.

Targeted Advice On Public And Private Transactions

In private purchase deals, our first objective is to gain a thorough understanding of the target business. Only then can we provide comprehensive and sage advice on the transaction. We will help you fully understand what you are buying or selling, the key components of the agreement and the payment details. We'll also verify that all necessary legal provisions are in place to manage and protect you against the risks.

In public transactions, we ensure that the transaction complies with the very detailed rules about public disclosure and shareholder documents. We can also assist with third-party reviews and expert opinions.

Meet With Our Legal Team

Our lawyers can help you analyze your needs and objectives and provide options to set your contemplated business transaction on the best trajectory. To arrange a meeting, call 416-800-1151 or email us using our web site's online form.