Targeted Solutions for Raising Capital

Businesses need financial capital to survive and thrive. If the growth of your business is starting to outpace your ability to raise capital through personal savings or business revenues or you are a lender looking to invest in an emerging business, our lawyers can step in and help.

Advice Backed By Firsthand Business Experience

The partners at Ormston List Frawley LLP have extensive background experience working both as and with entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have successfully operated our own ventures and also provided sophisticated legal advice to venture-backed businesses, high net worth individuals, banks and venture capital funds in Toronto, America and internationally.

By leveraging these firsthand perspectives in our work as corporate and securities law lawyers, we have developed deep skill and intuition for engineering insightful and robust fundraising solutions.

Raising Capital — Done Right

Our advice is designed to ensure that your capital-raising efforts are not only financially advantageous, but also legally protective. Many businesses do not realize that collaborating with investors means engaging in a securities transaction — even if you are not a public company.

We provide guidance to guard you from securities law compliance errors, forestall potential problems and minimize your legal liability when raising capital. We can help you negotiate and complete deals to secure operating capital, either through equity or debt, including:

  • Private placements with family, friends and angel investors
  • Deals with venture capitalists
  • Debt financing from banks or private lenders
  • Public offerings and/or listing on a securities exchange

Some of our lawyers also draw from their experience as officers of Green Sky Capital, an exempt market dealer.

Contact Our Firm

If you are a founder or an investor, our lawyers can meet with you to discuss your needs and goals. Arrange an appointment by calling 416-800-1151 or by filling in our online form.