Employment Law Advice

Ormston List Frawley LLP provides advice and representation for both employers and employees in Toronto. Our practise includes a range of issues within the realm of Canadian employment law. We serve the needs of primarily small and mid-sized companies and upper-level management and C-suite executives.

Protective, Farsighted Counsel

Employment decisions made without careful contemplation can result in costly, long-lasting impacts — both for employers and employees. Our aim is to protect our clients from such unanticipated outcomes.

Many employees are unaware of their legal rights. They often enter a new position or exit an old one without fair compensation. Yet, a more advantageous outcome might have been possible with proper legal knowledge and strategic negotiation.

Employers also may be unaware of how they can limit both their costs and liability when making job offers, terminating employment or in the way they handle workplace issues.

We help our clients to achieve workable, farsighted and cost-effective outcomes in a number of employment-related matters, including:

  • Employment termination
  • Drafting and reviewing of employment agreements
  • Negotiation of termination and severance packages
  • Violations of human rights
  • Workplace harassment

Consult About An Employment Law Issue

If you are an employer or upper-level employee, our lawyers can discuss your concerns and provide you with options. To arrange a meeting, call our office at 416-800-1151 or request an appointment by filling in our online form.