Resolutions For Shareholder Disputes

With a Toronto-based practice that combines corporate law, securities and litigation, Ormston List Frawley LLP is well-positioned to resolve disputes involving shareholders. We provide advice and representation primarily to the holders, officers and directors of privately held companies, but have also acted on behalf of dissenting shareholders engaged in proxy fights with publicly traded companies.

Navigating The Complexities Of Private Company Disputes

Disputes between the shareholders of private companies often involve a dynamic that is very different from public companies. With typically only a handful of owners which may include family members and close acquaintances, emotional and interpersonal factors often makes gaining a resolution delicate and challenging.

Our lawyers have spent years working with entrepreneurs and small and -mid-sized business owners. We understand their pressures, nuances and perspectives and include these considerations in our approach to litigation.

By conducting thorough factual and legal analysis, our lawyers will help you manage expectations about what is both possible and probable in resolving the dispute. Our goal is to achieve a practical, sensible solution — one that harmonizes with and supports your overall business objectives.

We can assist with such shareholder matters as:

  • Disputes over the future direction of the company
  • Deadlock between shareholders
  • Forced buyouts
  • Valuation of shares
  • Disputes over major corporate transactions
  • Theft, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty

We also provide advice on forestalling future problems by having a properly contemplated shareholder agreement in place.

Contact Our Lawyers About Your Shareholder Dispute

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