Specialized Advice for Technology Businesses

For emerging technology companies, meeting your business's legal needs properly means working closely with counsel that understands the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the technology sector.

Our Combination Of Legal And Entrepreneurial Experience

The lawyers at Ormston List Frawley LLP have considerable experience advising entrepreneurs in the new technology space. In fact, we're entrepreneurs ourselves and some of us are also officers of Green Sky Capital, an exempt market dealer in Toronto that provides advice and funding for clean tech, IT and medical tech companies.

We understand the challenges you face as a growing company and can generate innovative legal solutions to guard your business interests. We also offer alternative billing arrangements to match the value of legal services to the cash flow constraints of early-stage companies.

Advising On Issues Specific To Technology Businesses

As you develop and test your new technology ideas, your financial needs are likely to continue growing. In the initial stages, raising capital may seem fairly straightforward, but with each successive stage, the stakes become higher and investors may demand specific conditions or governance arrangements.

We know how to navigate the details and move you forward through multiple rounds of fundraising until you reach a self-sufficient financial status. We can provide customized advice on structuring private placements with family and friends and on equity investments by angel investors and venture capital funds.

We also provide technology sector-specific guidance on corporate and commercial matters, business agreements, intellectual property and strategic business transactions and commercial litigation.

Consult With Our Technology Team

Our lawyers are ready to meet with you and discuss the needs peculiar to your technology business. Arrange an appointment by calling 416-800-1151 or by filling in our online email form.