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The Rise Of The Returnship

Given the rapidly changing nature of today’s workforce, it should come as little surprise that stepping away, even briefly, can result in the need for an acclimatization period upon return. For women who have chosen to take time off from their career to raise children, the transition back can be especially jarring.

From navigating new organizational systems to mastering technological updates, employees who have been away have a lot to learn. Thanks to a Toronto-based startup, the process has the potential to become a lot easier.

The Economic Benefits Of Access To Health Data

Is data a commodity? Is there a strategic way to position oneself to capitalize on a sector that boasts an abundance of information? Some would argue that our country’s new reality is one centred on data and that we would be well-advised to consider exploring the value that it can offer.


Understanding Intellectual Property Law

When it comes to starting a business, there is a lot to consider. From drafting commercial contacts to forming partnerships and handling agreements, a new business owner or entrepreneur can’t leave anything to chance. So what needs to be done as far as the ideas behind the business are concerned? Enter intellectual property (IP) law, a critical form of recognition and protection.


Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods Led To A 25% Customer Jump

Acquisition Means Lower Prices

The grocery store known for it’s sky-high prices is finally coming back down to earth. Whole Foods, often referred to as Whole Paycheque in jest, has been enjoying a welcome bump in traffic thanks to an American commerce giant. Ever since Amazon spent US$13.7 billion dollars to acquire Whole Foods, consumers are reaping the benefits. With prices dropping up to 43%, consumers are finding value in products that they had previously purchased elsewhere. The addition of’s Prime service that allows customers to order Whole Foods’ branded products online and have them delivered within a day adds to the appeal.

Mergers and acquisitions: The grass seems to be greener in Canada

It seems Canada is leading the way in the burgeoning global cannabis market. Business experts predict that there will be more mergers and acquisitions in the coming year. But being number one comes with some responsibilities. Other countries are looking to Canada to set the stage for the legalization of cannabis in other areas and global investors are watching intently.

Transitioning from medical to recreational marijuana use is being looked upon as an experiment, and the transactions that are occurring because of the shift are many and unlike any other before them, according to experts. These changes are going to create a prime environment for business mergers and acquisitions. There will be definitive winners and losers in the industry, experts add.

Business and commercial: Woes continue for some Tim Hortons shops

The franchisor of Canada's favourite coffee shops is moving its main digs and it's affecting some franchisees. Tim Hortons is relocating its head office from Ontario suburbia to Toronto's financial district and that, among other things, has some franchisees singing the blues. Not getting deliveries on time is just one added aggravation between franchisees, Tim Hortons and Restaurant Brands International, it's parent company.

A company spokesperson said the lag in providing product is still within an acceptable limit and hopes to have things back on track within five to seven days. The spokesperson also said that there is a good relationship between franchisees and the corporate office, but expects the union to get even better. Those comments were made after some franchisee owners suggested the company has several issues that need to be ironed out.

Mergers and acquisitions: Energy companies need a shock

Some business experts are making it clear that there is only one solution for the energy sector that has taken a hard hit in the recent past. There are analysts in the world of mergers and acquisitions in Canada who are saying energy companies should think about merging or they'll face possible extinction. These suggested mergers may induce a jolt of energy into the sluggish market and even though it won't be an overnight panacea, it could spell good news for shareholders in the long run as well.

Investors have been pulling out of the energy sector steadily over the last few years. Oil and gas companies in particular have suffered as a result. There is a mixed bag of candidates for potential mergers and acquisitions with oil producers leading the pack -- those like Torc Oil & Gas Ltd. and Whitecap Resources Inc.

Pellet mill to get expansion in business and commercial sector

A wood pellet plant in Atikokan is primed for a major expansion. The northern Ontario plant's new owners are looking to increase their business and commercial presence in the area by not only adding jobs, but also by diversifying their products while looking into export possibilities. A sustainable energy company has taken control of the plant, which was put on the market last fall.

The mill, which was owned by a bankrupt company in the States, had massive debts. The former owner  continues to sell its assets in North America. The sale of the mill safeguarded 25 jobs in the small community.

Mergers and acquisitions: Looking golden on the mining front

It seems silver is being turned into gold. Junior gold mines are heating up the mergers and acquisitions world in Canada as of late and investors who usually line their pockets with silver are taking a golden chance, which is revving up a sluggish market. In fact, one of the most prolific deals announced in Canada recently is of a more than 100-year-old mining company based stateside looking to acquire a Nevada-based mining company to the tune of US$462 million.

Things are starting to pick up this year after a slow start. Apparently by this time last year Canada already had 19 mergers in the metals and mining sector under its belt as opposed to six so far this year. So, latest deals are encouraging, experts say. And when it comes to competing with silver -- gold seems to be less speculative than it's often equally shiny cousin, but both metals will be feeling the heat from the marijuana and cryptocurrency markets which are likely to continue to enthral investors.

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise for software companies

The computer software industry is seeing increased business activity as of late. In fact, mergers and acquisitions in this sector in Canada is definitely on the upswing. Larger corporations are grabbing up smaller ones to become more well-rounded in the service sector with the main targets being computing businesses and enterprise software vendors.

For instance, the IBM Corporation recently acquired five smaller companies, according to a report from the Business Research Company. In terms of computer software publishers, North America was second only to the Asia Pacific market with 31 per cent and 40 per cent of the market share, respectively. Africa had the smallest share with 2 per cent. 

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