Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise for software companies

The computer software industry is seeing increased business activity as of late. In fact, mergers and acquisitions in this sector in Canada is definitely on the upswing. Larger corporations are grabbing up smaller ones to become more well-rounded in the service sector with the main targets being computing businesses and enterprise software vendors.

For instance, the IBM Corporation recently acquired five smaller companies, according to a report from the Business Research Company. In terms of computer software publishers, North America was second only to the Asia Pacific market with 31 per cent and 40 per cent of the market share, respectively. Africa had the smallest share with 2 per cent. 

Companies that produce computer software also market and distribute those products for both personal and commercial use. They usually sell licenses to publishers for the use of software either permanently or for a defined period. By purchasing a license, buyers get program updates and troubleshooting assistance. 

The world of mergers and acquisitions is constantly evolving. Companies merge with others and then go on to acquire further businesses. It may be difficult to assess such rapid growth and change, and the help of a lawyer in Canada may be useful to entrepreneurs looking to delve into this aspect of the business world. 

A lawyer who has experience with mergers and acquisitions may be able to provide the guidance needed to help clients make the most prudent decisions when it comes to the legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions in Canada. The legal rules may seem overly complex for many to grasp. A lawyer may be able to translate the legal jargon into understandable language to assist his or her clients. 

Source:, "Software Products Market Global Overview Report 2018 Forecast To 2021", March 16, 2018

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