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The Problem With Being A Canadian Startup

Part of the struggle that comes with founding a startup is finding early-stage funding. For Canadian companies, this process can take a lot longer than their American counterparts. The immediate effects of delayed funding such as slower growth and lower numbers are usually obvious but long-term issues can have a significant impact as well.

The Rise Of The Returnship

Given the rapidly changing nature of today’s workforce, it should come as little surprise that stepping away, even briefly, can result in the need for an acclimatization period upon return. For women who have chosen to take time off from their career to raise children, the transition back can be especially jarring.

The Economic Benefits Of Access To Health Data

Is data a commodity? Is there a strategic way to position oneself to capitalize on a sector that boasts an abundance of information? Some would argue that our country’s new reality is one centred on data and that we would be well-advised to consider exploring the value that it can offer.

Understanding Intellectual Property Law

When it comes to starting a business, there is a lot to consider. From drafting commercial contacts to forming partnerships and handling agreements, a new business owner or entrepreneur can’t leave anything to chance. So what needs to be done as far as the ideas behind the business are concerned? Enter intellectual property (IP) law, a critical form of recognition and protection.

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