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Commercial litigation funding on the upswing in Canada

Getting into a legal battle can be incredibly hard on the pocketbook for a business owner. But those battles can also be quite lucrative and that's why some investors are choosing to fund litigation in hopes of sharing in the possible proceeds. Some business owners in Canada find it difficult to pay for expensive lawsuits, but there are some investors who will wager on commercial litigation cases like those regarding patents and trademarks or contract disputes and will step up to the plate to foot the bill.

Mergers and acquisitions: Gold mine looking for new owner

A Canadian gold company is searching for a new owner. Gold Mine Inc. is working with an investment bank to find parties interested in inking a deal amid its growing costs and operating issues. It is not averse to a mergers and acquisitions-related deal and is looking at all options including the divestment of certain mines it owns and operates in Canada and the United States. New Gold has struggled to make targets at its main mine in Ontario. 

Business and commercial: Americans subject to Canadian ridicule

Canadians who are world-renowned for being nice, but apparently they aren't being particularly kind to American citizens who are living and working in Canada. According to a Canadian newspaper, when it comes to the business and commercial world, Canadians have an ax to grind against their neighbours to the south, and it isn't helping to entice talented business-minded Americans to cross the border for work. And it's not boding well either for Canada's reputation for having amicable citizens.

Business and commercial: Trump, Poloz affecting Bay Street

It seems two individuals are having a distinct effect on Bay Street this year. The business and commercial world in Canada is not only being affected by Donald Trump's presidency, but also by Stephen Poloz, Bank of Canada governor. Their influences, experts say, are for very different reasons -- Trump's outbursts have played a part as has the solid, unobtrusive calls by Poloz.

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