Business and commercial: Americans subject to Canadian ridicule

Canadians who are world-renowned for being nice, but apparently they aren't being particularly kind to American citizens who are living and working in Canada. According to a Canadian newspaper, when it comes to the business and commercial world, Canadians have an ax to grind against their neighbours to the south, and it isn't helping to entice talented business-minded Americans to cross the border for work. And it's not boding well either for Canada's reputation for having amicable citizens.

A recent Swiss study showed this trend started emerging after the last presidential election in the States. Canadians traditionally like to set themselves apart from their American cousins and that sometimes involves not-so-flattering anecdotes or stories about Americans. A recent survey of American white-collar workers in Canada shows that these people are getting tired of the anti-American jokes and comments from their Canadian co-workers, which have become more blatant over the last while.

The survey pointed out it's not that Canadians dislike Americans as individuals, but that generally, they don't take kindly to the points of view they believe many Americans take on issues like gun control, politics and human rights in general. An economics professor at a distinguished Canadian university cautioned that Canadian employers need to be mindful of this type of American bashing if they have Americans on staff. He said although it doesn't constitute racism or sexism, it is discriminatory based on nationality and that is unacceptable.

There are many issues that affect business and commercial endeavours in Canada. These types of actions are just one of those. A lawyer who is experienced in this area of the law may be able to offer insight as to how to create an atmosphere conducive to the completion of positive transactions in an inclusive environment beneficial to business owners and employees of all nationalities.

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