April 2019 Archives

Mergers and acquisitions: Mining industry coming back strong

The mining industry in the country is poised for a major comeback, especially in the gold sector. The industry is gaining strength in Canada thanks to a number of recent mergers and acquisitions deals worth billions of dollars. Industry experts believe the last quarter of 2018 was a turning point for the industry and expect consolidations to continue to pave the way for additional growth.

Business and commercial: French's takes on Heinz

A smaller Canadian company took on a larger corporation and has put a dent in its sales. When Heinz decided to pack up its operations in Canada and move its headquarters to the States, French's fought back and won over the hearts of many Canadians. The business and commercial sector was shaken up by Heinz' pullout, which gave French's a great marketing advantage in getting many Canadians to switch their brand of ketchup.

Business and commercial: Plant-based products catching the wave

Many people are trying to become much more healthy and in many respects that includes eating a diet which includes more plant-based foods. This trend has not gone unnoticed in the business and commercial world in Canada. Some companies are getting in on the plant-based diet trend, which is reflective of the products they're starting to offer.  In fact, one of Canada's largest food manufacturers, Maple Leaf Foods Inc., is so into the idea of plant-based products that it will soon be opening a multi-million dollar processing plant Stateside.

Commercial litigation: Supreme Court rules in favour of Telus

Business customers who have Telus as a service provider can't launch class actions against the company. The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that business owners can't join commercial litigation lawsuits against Telus concerning its billing practices. Court judges ruled 4-3 that a judge in Ontario made an error allowing a business client of Telus to become part of a class action against the company.

Business and Commercial: First Nations group set to buy pipeline

A group of Indigenous Canadians is poised to buy the majority of the Trans Canada pipeline. This recent business and commercial news coming out of Canada is likely to see an offer on the table of $6.8 billion for the pipeline the principles of which the group says are in keeping with its goals. The First Nations group is calling all indigenous groups to band together in a bid to purchase the pipeline.

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