November 2019 Archives

Business and commercial: CN strike adversely affecting economy

A more than week-long railway strike is leaving its mark on the Canadian economic landscape. About 3,200 Canadian National Railway Co. (CNR) rail yard operators and conductors in Canada took to the picket lines and the fallout is being felt in the business and commercial sectors of the country. In fact, layoffs and shutdowns are expected as the strike is affecting the shipping of cargo. 

Mergers and acquisitions: CSA weighs in on cannabis industry

The cannabis industry continues to heat up in Canada and with that come recommendations from regulatory bodies across the country. Some of those recommendations surround the mergers and acquisitions regarding some of these companies in Canada as they forge ahead in a growing industry. These bodies are calling for increased transparency when it comes to mergers, acquisitions and other corporate dealings.

Business and commercial: Province offers small business tax cuts

The Ontario government is trying to pave the way to increased success for small business owners. It is not always easy for those invested in business and commercial endeavours in Ontario to make a go of it. The province has plans to decrease the small business tax rate to 3.2% by the beginning of next year. It's also expected that the dividend tax credit will also be lowered, allowing shareholders to earn back some of their expenses. 

Mergers and acquisitions: RBC makes top 10 advisors stateside

One of Canada's major banks had a major goal nine years ago -- to become one of the foremost investment banks stateside. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) recently realized that goal, rising to one of the major institutions in the States advising on mergers and acquisitions. It has cracked the top 10 for advising on these types of deals according to recent data. 

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