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Business and commercial: Americans subject to Canadian ridicule

Canadians who are world-renowned for being nice, but apparently they aren't being particularly kind to American citizens who are living and working in Canada. According to a Canadian newspaper, when it comes to the business and commercial world, Canadians have an ax to grind against their neighbours to the south, and it isn't helping to entice talented business-minded Americans to cross the border for work. And it's not boding well either for Canada's reputation for having amicable citizens.

Business and commercial: Trump, Poloz affecting Bay Street

It seems two individuals are having a distinct effect on Bay Street this year. The business and commercial world in Canada is not only being affected by Donald Trump's presidency, but also by Stephen Poloz, Bank of Canada governor. Their influences, experts say, are for very different reasons -- Trump's outbursts have played a part as has the solid, unobtrusive calls by Poloz.

Business and commercial: Canada's inflation rate on the rise

The country's inflation rate is rising. For the business and commercial realm in Canada, that's not such great news. In fact, having climbed to 3 per cent, that rate is the highest it has been in seven years. But what does that spike really mean in the giant scheme of all things in business? 

Business and commercial: US tariffs causing some issues in Canada

It doesn't seem to be business as usual. There have been many changes in the business and commercial world in Canada with the onset of U.S. tariffs on certain goods. The dairy company Saputo is blaming its U.S. rivals for its 37 per cent net income fall in the first quarter of the year. Saputo's CEO said the company is seeing some unusual things in a competitive market that the industry hasn't seen before, including the stockpiling of products.

Business and commercial: Costco offers online shopping, delivery

One of the largest bulk buying chains in Canada has introduced a new service. In business and commercial news, Costco is now adding online shopping and delivery to its roster of services. The company is putting its feelers out for the new service in Southern Ontario first before rolling it out to the rest of the province and into Quebec. Shoppers who spend upwards of $75 can take advantage of the service.

Business and commercial: Tariffs and hot dog toppings

The tariff war between Canada and the United States is not being very complimentary to condiments. When it comes to business and commercial decisions, Canada's mustard seed farmers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Canada has decided to drop mustard seed from its list of items on its retaliatory tariffs list, but ketchup, its cousin, is still on that list.

Business and commercial: Ontario teen learns a lot at forum

When it comes to business acumen, a young Oakville woman has it going on. The 17-year-old high school student showed the business and commercial world that she knows what she's talking about at the recent Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch competition sponsored by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Ontario government. The young woman was one of several who pitched their business ideas via a short video to be judged by both judges and the public.

Star Power Could Spell Significant Revenue For Toronto Triple-Threat

What do sushi, hotels, and condos have in common? As it turns out, quite a bit if you’re talking about Nobu. The brainchild of actor Robert De Niro, chef Nobu Matsuhisa, restaurateur Drew Nieporent, and producer Meir Teper, Nobu Hospitality LLC is taking Toronto by storm. So how does the city stand to benefit from the entertainment district’s newest resident? According to the company’s expected revenue, we can expect to see US$1 billion within the next 5 years.

The Importance of Thinking Big

When it comes to producing bright ideas and innovative approaches to business, Canada is no slouch. As a country, we are home to some of world’s strongest and creative minds. Where we stand to attain an even higher degree of success, according to an industry expert, is by capitalizing on our sense of entrepreneurism.

The Problem With Being A Canadian Startup

Part of the struggle that comes with founding a startup is finding early-stage funding. For Canadian companies, this process can take a lot longer than their American counterparts. The immediate effects of delayed funding such as slower growth and lower numbers are usually obvious but long-term issues can have a significant impact as well.

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