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Business and commercial: Toy company fights to stay afloat

Reports of liquidation regarding Toys R Us in the United States hasn't affected cross border transactions much. In the business and commercial world in Canada, it seems to be business as usual for the toy company -- at least for now. The company filed for protection against its creditors last year and reports indicate it could shut the doors on all of its 880 U.S. locations.

Ontario helps small business and commercial sectors

Small businesses are getting an injection to give them the help to continue to grow. Ontario is giving small business owners added tools to help them with such things as hiring and training employees. The initiative, called Small Business Access, will have all these tools in one location to make it less complicated to access. In essence, it's a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs.

Business and commercial law: Fairfax buys part of Carillion

A recent deal between two companies is saving about 4,500 jobs. Carillion Canada recently filed papers in court for protection against its creditors, but Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. decided to buy the company's facilities management sector. This particular part of the business will provide services to places such as airports, health care and defence facilities, along with oil, mining and gas companies as well as to retail and commercial facilities. In this business and commercial deal, thousands of Carillion jobs in Canada will be saved and moved over to Fairfax.

Business and commercial: Canadian communication partnership ends

Vice Canada  and Rogers Communications are severing their two-year, multi-million dollar business relationship. In the world of business and commercial ventures in Canada, this is big news. Vice's studio business was being shared with Rogers, but as of March 31,Vice will be running its own show. 

Business and commercial: Minimum wage increase affects Ontario

The minimum wage increase has led some business owners to enlist some drastic measures. As of Jan. 1, 2018, the minimum wage in Ontario increased to $14 an hour from $11.60 -- a jump of more than 20 per cent. That sizable increase has caused some havoc in the business and commercial sectors, leading some business owners to cut both hours and benefits for their employees. 

Business and commercial ventures: Foreign retailers choose Canada

Many foreign retailers are choosing Canada to set up shop, even though they're treading lightly. Business and commercial ventures are up with respect to these retailers. In fact, 2017 was a record year in Canada for international businesses coming into the retail market.

Business and commercial law: Web piracy causes a sea of problems

The 21st century has taken society to new technological heights. Many things are done online today. Documents are signed and posted, pieces of writing are posted and newspaper articles can be accessed. It stands to reason, then, that some of this intellectual property in Canada and the world over suffers at the hands of online pirates. Any copyrighted material that is downloaded or used without consent is considered, under business and commercial law, to be pirated. 

Business and commercial law: The use of trademarks in Canada

Succeeding in the business world means conveying a certain message or image. Consumers have to be able to identify a business by its particular trademark -- something that sets it apart from the rest. A trademark, in the business and commercial world in Canada, is part of the branding picture that gives a product or service credibility in the eyes of the public.

End of NAFTA could pose threat to commercial, business sectors

If the United States pulls out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the move would definitely affect the Canadian economy. But experts say it wouldn't be devastating. Business and commercial growth would be curtailed, but not halted, according to economists.

Patents in Canada's business and commercial landscape

All bright ideas and inventions need some protection. Even Albert Einstein knew that. Inventors in Canada and the world are wise to protect their inventions with patents since they offer protection in the business and commercial world from being stolen by others. Einstein had 50 patents during his lifetime. But the advantages to patents don't simply end in stopping theft.

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