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Canada's entrepreneurs have more legal needs than they realize

Starting a new business is an exciting and busy time. Canada's entrepreneurs expect to make a variety of business decisions, but they may not expect the number of decisions they will need to make that involve legal matters. When you start a new business, your decisions will affect your legal rights and your exposure to personal liability.

Business and commercial: Canada cheese giant axes 2 facilities

Saputo is set to close two plants, which will put about 280 workers on the unemployment lines. The large maker of cheese in Canada stunned the business and commercial world recently with its announcement that it intends to shut down one of its Ontario plants and one located in the Maritimes. The company suggests consumers shying away from dairy products is one of the primary reasons its closing these operations.

Business and commercial: Bad news brewing in beer industry

It has been said that beer is the breakfast of champions. It seems like many of those champions in Canada have fallen off the beer wagon since business and commercial statistics point to trouble in the beer industry. More Canucks are moving away from beer as their brew of choice. In fact, demand dropped by 4% last year and that's the largest drop since Prohibition.

Business and commercial: Trade tensions ease moving into 2020

Things are a little less tense in the trading realm and that is good news for companies. A recent Bank of Canada survey of executives showed businesses around the country were much less concerned about trade tensions at the end of last year. Moving into 2020, all indicators point to infrastructure growth in business and commercial areas amid tightened labour markets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the largest independent groups of agricultural retailers in the country are joining forces with others around the globe to create a major player in the world ag market. AgLink Canada has joined with AgLink Australia, Integrated Agribusiness Professionals in the United States and AgriRede in Brazil, creating AgLink International. And it's big news in the mergers and acquisitions world. 

Many Canadian business owners plan 2020 investments

Entrepreneurs across the country are gearing up for a new year, despite some reservations about the economic outlook for the next 12 months. According to a survey from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), business owners throughout the country are more pessimistic in 2020 than they were the year prior. However, many still believe their businesses will grow in the new year, and Ontario entrepreneurs say their investment intentions are on the rise for the new year.

Business and commercial: AC investors could get a bumpy ride

Canada's number one airline continues to fly high in more ways that one. Those in Canada who follow business and commercial news may know that the last four years have been a roller coaster of changes. But company stock continues to do well as investors continue to buy in on the brand and stay on the same page with the airline's cost-cutting measures.

Business and commercial: Chart conveys economic outlook for 2020

Each year a well-known and well-respected Canadian news magazine puts together an economic chart highlighting various facets of business such as real estate, the GDP and the trade sector. It also speaks to the general business and commercial climate of Canada and what to watch for in particular moving into the next year. A number of analysts, economists, financial experts and investors have given their input to create the chart.

Business and commercial: CN strike adversely affecting economy

A more than week-long railway strike is leaving its mark on the Canadian economic landscape. About 3,200 Canadian National Railway Co. (CNR) rail yard operators and conductors in Canada took to the picket lines and the fallout is being felt in the business and commercial sectors of the country. In fact, layoffs and shutdowns are expected as the strike is affecting the shipping of cargo. 

Business and commercial: Province offers small business tax cuts

The Ontario government is trying to pave the way to increased success for small business owners. It is not always easy for those invested in business and commercial endeavours in Ontario to make a go of it. The province has plans to decrease the small business tax rate to 3.2% by the beginning of next year. It's also expected that the dividend tax credit will also be lowered, allowing shareholders to earn back some of their expenses. 

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