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Mergers and acquisitions: CN has new 3-year profit goal

The head of the nation's major railway is thinking about business deals in the wake of the corporation's profit goals for the next three years. The CEO of Canada's CN Rail is thinking big when it comes to mergers and acquisitions -- particularly acquisitions -- as CN has upped its profit goals from its original 10% per share growth goal. CN purchased the shares of a trucking company this past March as the first step in its new plan.

Things looking bright on the mergers and acquisitions front

With most analysts predicting the economy will continue on an upswing, many business professionals are getting ready for some deal making ventures. A recent survey of executives in Canada say they are primed for embarking on some mergers and acquisitions this year and moving into 2020. In fact, more than 75% of those surveyed say they see these mergers and acquisitions coming within 12 months.

Mergers and acquisitions: Two insurance giants join forces

Things don't always go as planned when one company links up with another. In recent mergers and acquisitions news in Canada, one of the nation's most well-known and respected insurance companies -- Desjardins -- acquired State Farm and things haven't been all smooth sailing. Employees and higher-ups in both companies soon realized it takes time to smooth out any rough spots.

Mergers and acquisitions: Mining industry coming back strong

The mining industry in the country is poised for a major comeback, especially in the gold sector. The industry is gaining strength in Canada thanks to a number of recent mergers and acquisitions deals worth billions of dollars. Industry experts believe the last quarter of 2018 was a turning point for the industry and expect consolidations to continue to pave the way for additional growth.

Mergers and acquisitions: Belmont Resources claims Gold Prospect

Belmont Resources has inked a deal to acquire more than 253 hectares of mineral rich land from David Heyman & Clive Brookes. The land is part of Greenwood Mining in Canada's gold-rich West. This mergers and acquisitions news has been touted as an arm's length acquisition and includes rich copper and gold mining lands that have been mined as far back as the turn of the 20th century. 

Mergers and acquisitions: Mining sector growing with the times

The mining industry in the nation is morphing into a new-ish entity. Part of that change in the industry in Canada includes increased mergers and acquisitions in an effort to curtail escalating operating costs. However, a recent global mining risk report indicates overall optimism when it comes to opportunities for growth in the sector, even though the industry seems to be at a crossroads.

Mergers and acquisitions: Hostile takeover in gold sector likely

A hostile takeover bid may be soon underway in the mining sector. The latest mergers and acquisitions news in Canada suggests that in what would be the nation's largest scale mining deal ever, Barrick Gold may make a hostile takeover bid for Newmont Mining stocks to the tune of $19 billion. Barrick would funnel some of Newmont's assets to an overseas project.

Mergers and acquisitions: 2019 holds great dealmaking promise

The business world is looking pretty rosy for the new year and that has dealmakers smiling. Predictions about the mergers and acquisitions realm in Canada are in and there is nothing but optimism for 2019. With a domestic economy that's relatively stable, still low interest rates and a dollar that seems to be rallying, those who took part in a recent survey indicate there is reason for the bright outlook.

Mergers and acquisitions: A golden future for mining

In certain cases, all that glitters is gold. An industry that was quickly losing its shine has got back some of its sparkle with recent mergers and acquisitions. Recently activity in the gold mining sector in Canada has created some excitement. Newmont Mining Corporation scooped up Goldcorp Inc. creating the world's biggest miners of gold, while Barrick Gold Corp. acquired Randgold Resources Ltd.

Mergers and acquisitions: Canada challenges stateside competition

Marijuana production companies are teaming up to keep ahead of their competitors. Canada has seen numerous mergers and acquisitions deals since the legalization of cannabis this past Oct. 17. Producers are especially keeping and eye on their U.S. competition, but it's too soon to tell who's winning the race. As of the end of November, however, Canada is in the lead.

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